Research Faculty


Antonette Bennett, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist

Phone: 352-273-8223

Research Focus:  The Biophysical and Biochemical characterization of the life-cycle of ssDNA viruses – Parvoviridae, Circoviridae and Geminiviridae.


Huacheng Luo, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist

Phone: 352-273-8223

Research Focus:  Genomic and epigenetic regulation in leukemogenesis; HOXA genes cluster and histone markers modification.

Jixiu Shan, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist

Phone: 352-294-8389

Research Focus:  Nutrient-controlled genetic-and epigenetic-mediated molecular mechanisms of gene regulation in mammalian cells.


William Zeile, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist

Phone: 352-294-4974

Research Focus:  Assist in developing the next generation of polio virus vaccines in the laboratory of Dr. James Flanegan.

​Teaching: Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BCH4024