Congratulations to Florida Genetics Symposium Winners

Yong Shen, PhD graduate student in Dr. Jörg Bungert’s lab.

Each year, the UF Genetics Institute hosts the Florida Genetics Symposium. This event attracts genetics and genomics researchers, students and industry from across Florida. Speakers from around the world present and discuss genetics and genomics topics, organized into three focused sessions. Approximately 100 students and independent researchers present their research and findings during two poster presentation sessions.

This year, PhD graduate student and member of Dr. Jörg Bungert’s lab, Yong Shen, was awarded the Kenneth & Laura Berns Award for Excellence in Genetics! This award is in honor of the previous director of the Genetic Institute, Dr. Kenneth Berns, and awarded annually to a Genetics and Genomics PhD student. Students are nominated by the mentors and a committee selects the winner.

Dr. Lauren Douma, previous PhD graduate student in Dr. Linda Bloom’s laboratory.


In addition, Dr. Lauren Douma, previous graduate student of Dr. Linda Bloom, was awarded first place for her postdoc poster titled “Renal Na handling defect associated with Per1-dependent non-dipping hypertension” at the Florida Genetics Symposium.

For a full list of award recipients click here.

Congratulations, Yong Shen and Dr. Lauren Douma!