2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium

The UF Center for Undergraduate Research sponsored this year’s undergraduate research symposium on Thursday, March 22. There was a morning and afternoon poster session held in the Grand Ballroom of the Reitz Union, which was open to the public, students, faculty and staff.

Several students working in the labs of our Biochemistry and Molecular Biology faculty participated in this event.

Bungert’s student – Maclean Bassett

Student: Maclean Bassett
Graduate Student Mentor: Yong Shen
Lab PI:  Dr. Jörg Bungert
Title:  Identification of a novel enhancer/chromatin opening element associated with high-level gamma-globin gene expression


Julia with mentor NikeaStudent:  Julia Paoli
Graduate Student Mentor: Nikea Pittman
Lab PI:  Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna
Title: Purification of Adeno-associated Virus Serotype 3B for Antigenetic Footprint Mapping


Daniel with mentor KennonStudent:  Daniel Noe
Graduate Student Mentor: Kennon Smith
Lab PI:  Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna
Title:  Generation of Antibody Escape Mutants in Adeno-associated Virus Serotypes 8


Maja HaerleStudent:  Maja Haerle
Graduate Student Mentor: Kaalak Reddy
Lab PI:  Dr. Andy Berglund
Title:  Engineering Zinc Finger Proteins to Block Transcription of Disease-causing DNA Repeat Expansions


Una SnehaStudents: Una Milovanovic and Sneha Sathish
Graduate Student Mentor: Leslie Morris
Lab PI:  Dr. Linda Bloom
Title:  YoaA, A Putative Helicase in Bacteria Involved in Repairing Blocks to DNA Replication


Paul WasselStudent:  Paul Wassel
Graduate Student Mentor: Aishwarya Gurumurthy
Lab PI:  Dr. Jörg Bungert
Title:  Functional Analysis of Beta-Globin Locus Control Region Hypersensitive Site 2 (LCR HS2) associated non-coding RNA


We congratulate these students on their initiative, their research and for representing the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in such an outstanding manner.


Learn more at https://cur.aa.ufl.edu/