Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Gumz

Michelle Gumz HeadshotDr. Michelle Gumz (Cain Lab, BMB, PhD 2004) is currently a tenure track Assistant Professor of Medicine at UF, in the Division of Nephrology, Hypertension and Renal Transplantation. Dr. Gumz has a joint appointment in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department! Through the BMB concentration, she has trained two PhD students, Dr. Jacob Richards (2014) and Dr. Kristen Solocinski (2017).

The Gumz lab is funded by the NIH and the American Heart Association to study the role of circadian clock proteins in the kidney and how they contribute to renal function and blood pressure regulation. Currently, the lab consists of two postdoctoral fellows, two technicians, and six undergraduate students (see photo). In running her own research laboratory and mentoring trainees, Dr. Gumz uses the training she received in the BMB department on a daily basis. She emphasizes the importance of preparing and practicing presentations well ahead of time for her trainees so that they are prepared and confident whether it is for the department journal club or an international meeting.Michelle Gumz Lab Group Photo

In the video below, Dr. Gumz is featured in the University of Florida’s Research Landscapes series where she explains the importance and significance of her lab’s research.

A complete listing of Dr. Gumz’ scientific journal publications are available here.