Welcome New Assistant Professor, Dr. Melike Caglayan

Dr. Caglayan comes to UF and our department from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the laboratory of Dr. Samuel H. Wilson. She obtained her Ph.D. from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2010.

Melike Caglayan HeadshotThe primary focus of the Caglayan Lab will be the molecular mechanisms of genome integrity and the biological importance of DNA ligation failure by the effects of oxidative stress using purified DNA repair proteins, nuclear and mitochondrial cell extracts, mouse embryonic fibroblast cells and yeast cells. Already, Dr. Caglayan’s research efforts while at the NIH has made contributions to a better understanding of innovative and molecular aspects of substrate channeling of repair intermediates during base excision DNA damage repair under oxidative stress cellular conditions.

For more detailed information on Dr. Caglayan’s research experience, awards and honors, current publication list and more, click here to visit her faculty webpage.

Dr. Caglayan’s arrival on campus is Monday, July 2!

Here is her office location and contact information:
Office:  ARB R3-226A
Office Phone: 352-294-8383
Lab:  ARB R3-171
Lab Phone: 352-294-8391
Email:  caglayanm@ufl.edu

A big Gator Nation welcome to Dr. Caglayan!