Two Publications with Recent Graduate as First Author

MamWe are pleased to recognize Dr. Mam Mboge, a Fall 2018 graduate of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department from Drs. Susan Frost and Robert McKenna’s laboratories, who is the first author on two recent publications:

“Selective inhibition of CA IX over CA XII in breast cancer cells using benzene sulfonamides: Disconnect between CA activity and growth inhibition”  
Mam Y. Mboge, Zhijuan Chen, Alyssa Wolff, John V.
Mathias, Chingkuang Tu, Kevin D. Brown, Murat Bozdag,
Fabrizio Carta, Claudiu T. Supuran, Robert McKenna,
and Susan C. Frost* (2018)
Plos One; published 11/19/18

“A non-catalytic function of carbonic anhydrase IX contributes to the glycolytic phenotype and pH regulation in human breast cancer cells”
Mam Mboge, Zhijuan Chen, Daniel Khokhar,   Alyssa Wolff, Lingbao Ai, Coy Heldermon, Murat
Boxdag, Fabrizio Carta, Claudiu Supuran, Kevin Brown, Robert McKenna, Christopher Frost, and Susan Frost* (2018)
bioRxiv; posted 12/24/18

Congratulations, Mam, on this significant accomplishment!