2019 College of Medicine Research Poster Session

The College of Medicine’s annual research poster session is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the strength of the college’s research programs and appreciate the breadth, quality, and merit of the science conducted within the College. This event reminds us that it is through discovery and the impact of our research that we improve the quality of human life, and in doing so, advance the College of Medicine and the University of Florida.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Faculty, Students, and Alumni Participate in COM Research Poster Session

Ram Khattri - COM Research 2019
“Investigating metabolic changes in PNEC cell lines in normoxic and hypoxic conditions via conventional 13C NMR” Presented by Dr. Ram Khattri, postdoc in the lab of Dr. Matthew Merritt


Rohit Mahar - COM Research 2019
“13C Isotopomer analysis of intermediary metabolism in metabolic stages of pupae of the flesh fly”
Presented by Dr. Rohit Mahar, postdoc in the lab of Dr. Matthew Merritt
Lauren Douma - COM Research 2019
“CRISPR-mediated deletion of a regulatory element downstream of the EDN1 gene increases expression of a long non-coding RNA, EDN1-AS”
Presented by Dr. Lauren Douma, postdoc in the lab of Dr. Michelle Gumz, and a 2016 alumnus.
Aishwarya - COM research 2019
“Functional and Structural analysis of β-globin locus control region hypersensitive site 2”
From the lab of Dr. Jörg Bungert, this poster was presented by Genetics Institute graduate student, Aishwarya Gurumurthy, and undergrad, David Yu. Dr. Mir Hossain, co-author, is also a BMB alumnus from 2017.
Manish Amin - COM Research 2019
“A Novel Multishell Acquisition with Increased b-Shells and Sparse ORientations (MAISSOR)”
From the lab of Dr. Thomas Mareci, Physics graduate student, Manish Amin, presented this poster. Also co-authoring this paper and representing Dr. Mareci’s lab are physics graduate students, Daniel DeYoung and Guita Banan, and undergrad student, Caroline Lamoutte.
Dr.Lu - COM Research 2019
BMB associate professor, Dr. Jianrong Lu served as a judge of posters presented by medical school students.


Not pictured are the following:

NMR characterization of C123 amyloid fibrils
Presented by BMB Master’s student, Qingqing Emily Peng, from Dr. Joanna Long’s lab.

NMR characterization of the functional fibril amyloids involved in caries formation
Presented by postdoc, Dr. Gwladys Riviere, in Dr. Joanna Long’s lab.