2nd Annual Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Published: June 11th, 2019

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Undergraduate Research Poster SessionThe 2nd Annual Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Undergraduate Research Poster Session was held on April 11 on the 3rd floor of the Academic Research Building (ARB). This poster session provides an opportunity each spring for those undergraduates who working in labs within our department to highlight and discuss their work.

Here are the five winners:

Caroline Lamoutte
PI: Thomas Mareci
Title: Characterizing Diffusion Weighted Images Using Configuration Analysis of Spherical Harmonics

Sarah Lulu
PI: Jianrong Lu
Title: Epigenetic Rescue of MOF in Mesenchymal Breast Cancer Cells

Krystal Glasford
PI: Michelle Gumz
Title: Kidney Specific Disruption of the Circadian Gene BMAL1 in Mice Produces a Sex-Depenent Effect on Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure

Margaret Hibnick
PI: Linda Bloom
Title: YoaA, A Putative Helices in Bacteria Involved in Repairing Blocks to DNA Replication

Taha Huda
PI: Mingyi Xie
Title: Investigating Metabolic Changes Caused by Oncolytic Myxoma Virus in SFxL Glioblastoma Cells

These students were each awarded a gift of $100.

We would like to thank those that participated at judges.
Postdocs and graduate students: Dr. Lauren Douma, Casey Chamberlain, Christopher Fields, Akilah Murray and Tori Fielding Makal
Faculty judges: Dr. Mingyi Xie, Dr. Robert McKenna and Dr. Susan Frost.

And special thanks to Dr. Frost for coordinating this annual event.

Poster Winners