Celebration of Research Poster Session!

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was represented at the 2023 College of Medicine Celebration of Research with over 20 posters from our students and faculty! Find a full list of posters and presenters below.

Barry Setlow

2023 Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna Distinguished Research Mentoring Award

Barry Setlow, Ph.D., a professor in the department of psychiatry, is the 2023 recipient of the Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna Distinguished Research Mentoring Award. Over his three decades in the field, Setlow has helped generations of students and trainees find their passions in scientific research and pursue success however they define it. With an open-door policy and familial lab environment, Setlow has fostered a love and excitement for research in his mentees while modeling how to give back and mentor others as they leave his lab and launch their careers. In addition to his renowned mentorship, Setlow is also an expert investigator of the interactions between cognition, motivation and addiction.

Posters & Presenters

Presenters SENIOR AUTHOR Poster Title
Almohdar, Danah Caglayan, Melike Impact of DNA polymerase β stability mutants on the coordination with scaffolding protein XRCC1 during base excision repair
Bakhsh, Loa Lu, Jianrong EMT-inducing TGFβ sensitizes cells to ferroptosis by downregulating SLC7A11 and antioxidant synthesis through production of transcription factor ZEB1, ZEB2
Cantrell, Alex Gentry, Matthew Dietary Supplementation of Galactose Alters Brain Metabolism and Behavior in Wild Type Mice
Chang, Mario Merritt, Matthew Investigation of the Metabolic Signatures Associated with Asparagine Deprivation
Chang, Mario Merritt, Matthew Metabolic Profiling of Oncolytic Myxoma Virus Infection
Clarke, Harrison Sun, Ramon Multiplex Mass Spectrometry Imaging of N-Glycans, Glycogen, Lipids, and Small Metabolites
Colpaert, Matthieu Gentry, Matthew An Antibody-GAA Fusion as a Novel Therapeutic for Lafora Disease
Combs, Jacob McKenna, Robert Diaryl urea compounds: Prevent growth of breast cancer cells by inhibition and down-regulation of Carbonic Anhydrases IX
Gulkis, Mitchell Caglayan, Melike Human DNA ligase I active site mutants demonstrate failure in non-canonical ligation
Hawkinson, Tara Sun, Ramon Isotopic labeling of glycans and glycogen in the Alzheimer’s Disease brain
Hsi, Jane McKenna, Robert Structural and Kinetic Characterization of Anti-AAV9 Monoclonal Antibodies derived from Patients Post-Zolgensma® Treatment.
Huang, Xi Lu, Jianrong Constitutive YAP activation mediates epithelial-mesenchymal-transition-conferred properties
Liu, Xinyue Lu, Jianrong Mitotic inactivation of the MOF acetyltransferase by phosphorylation
Martinez, Ernesto Caglayan, Melike Efficiency and Specificity of APE1 as a Proofreading Exonuclease
Murcia, David Caglayan, Melike Interrogating interactions among core repair proteins DNA polymerase β and DNA ligases in base excision repair
Padgett-Pagliai, Kaylie Bloom, Linda Assessing the Dual Role of χ, a DNA Pol III Accessory Protein, in E. coli DNA Replication and Repair
Peng, Qingqing Long, Joanna Understanding the Structural Dynamics of the C-Terminus in Streptococcus Mutans Adhesin P1 Using NMR Spectroscopy
Pollenz, Savannah Bloom, Linda Interactions of Escherichia coli XPD/Rad3 helicases with single-stranded DNA binding protein
Ravede, Noah Bloom, Linda Investigating the Escherichia coli Clamp Loader Separation Pin
Sheehan, Thomas Bloom, Linda Understanding the ability of DNA Polymerase II to bypass damaged bases in the context of SSB
Singh, Pankaj Gentry, Matthew Perturbed Glycosylation is a Hallmark of a Childhood Dementia that can be Partially Rescued by Oral Supplementation of Glucosamine
Tang, Qun Caglayan, Melike Structures of LIG1 that engage with mutagenic mismatches inserted by polβ in base excision repair