Welcome Zhipeng Li, PhD 

Zhipeng Li, Ph.D.

Dr. Zhipeng Li joins UF from UC Berkeley, where he has done some outstanding work in the laboratory of Dr. James Olzmann in the areas of cancer biology, redox biology, and lipotoxic damage. Dr. Li earned his Ph.D. under the guidance of Dr. Mark McNiven at Mayo Clinic, working on the regulation of lipid droplets and lipid metabolism. Zhipeng has an outstanding publication record and brings cutting-edge expertise to UF. 

Dr. Li’s research focuses on mechanisms of cancer cell resistance to ferroptosis, a regulated cell death pathway characterized by the accumulation of oxidative lipid damage. During his postdoctoral training, Zhipeng uncovered novel mechanisms underlying how cancer cells evade ferroptosis and then developed pre-clinical drugs to overcome this evasion. He published 1st or corresponding author papers in Cell, Science Advances, Nature Chemical Biology, Developmental Cell, Hepatology, and STAR Protocols with co-authored papers in Nature and Cell Chemical Biology. Additionally, he has received multiple awards, has been an exceptional mentor, and received outstanding letters of recommendation from his PI and collaborators at Stanford. 

When Zhipeng is not busy with experiments in the lab, he can be found hanging out with his family, including a massive feline. In his spare time, he likes digging in the dirt (aka gardening), battling it out in video games, and escaping reality by diving into Sci-Fi/fantasy books. 

Dr. Li is already an outstanding young scientist and is developing into a leader with respect to his skills for teaching/mentoring and becoming a national leader. Dr. Li will establish a world-class research program focused on his cancer research at UF. 

UF BMB is thrilled that he will be joining us in 2023!