Jane Hsi recipient of 2023 NSF graduate research fellowship

Jane Hsi

Jane Hsi, a first year B&MB student in the COM BMS PhD Program, is a 2023 recipient of a National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate research three-year fellowship.

These fellowships are highly competitive, with annual acceptance rates of ~15% from among more than 12,000 applicants. It is a prestigious grant awarded annually by the NSF to approximately 2,000 students pursuing research-based Master’s and doctoral degrees in the natural, social, and engineering sciences at US institutions.

The application includes a research proposal, personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other materials that demonstrate the applicant’s academic achievements, research potential, and broader impacts. In Jane’s case she integrated her love for art into the study.

Jane’s research fellowship goal is to compare and expand the current Parvovirinae architectural repertoire through a comprehensive structural and functional examination of the Arti-, Ave-, Copi- and Lori-parvoviruses using Cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM), to provide insights into parvovirus structural diversity.