New Graduate Course in Medical Metabolism

We are excited to announce the addition of a new fully online and synchronous graduate course in medical metabolism! Our goal is to provide an intermediate-level course for graduate students across disciplines.  Those that desire a deeper understanding of metabolic principles, but do not require the level of our advanced metabolism course (BCH6206).

Medical metabolism is a 3-credit course designed to build upon the foundational knowledge of basic metabolic processes and explore their connection to human health. Using a case study approach, students will review concepts in metabolism, analyze patient symptoms and clinical tests, and gain experience understanding and evaluating primary literature within the metabolism field.

Course Director: Deborah Smith, PhD.

Date & Time:

  • Fully online and synchronous
  • Tuesdays – 1:55 – 2:45pm (period 7)
  • Thursdays – 1:55 – 3:50pm (periods 7 & 8)

Pre-requisite: BCH4024/GMS5905 – Fundamentals of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Additional information: