Mammalian Molecular Biology and Genetics

Debbie Smith

This course is 3 credits, offered each semester and runs along the same timeframe as the regular UF semesters.

Course Administrator: Dr. Debbie Smith, Adjunct Lecturer


Couse Description

BCH 5413 is designed for graduate or advanced undergraduate students desiring a course in molecular biology beyond an introductory course. Lectures and discussions will emphasize modern molecular and biochemical approaches to solving problems of current interest.

NOTE: BCH 5413 replaces BCH 6415, and is a prerequisite for BCH 6415.  Students should have a working knowledge of molecular biology such as that covered in “Lehninger’s Principles of Biochemistry”, third edition; or Mathews and van Holde’s “Biochemistry”, second edition. We DO NOT recommend this course for students who have not had an introductory course in molecular biology, e.g., BCH 4024 or its equivalents.



This is a graduate level course and is intended to fulfill the required coursework for pertinent UF Distance Learning degrees. Enrollment for this course is done through the Microbiology & Cell Science online program.  Please visit their website, linked below, to apply.