Travel Funding

Department of BMB Funding

If your mentor is a faculty member in the Biochemistry Department or you are in the BMB concentration, your mentor can also request an additional $200 from the department to attend one meeting per year by emailing Dr. Flanegan for approval.

Your mentor’s secretary will prepare travel documents and/or arrangements. Please provide a completed Student Travel Checklist to your mentor’s secretary during the pre-travel planning process.

Download: Student Travel Checklist

Biomedical Sciences Funding

All BMS Students are eligible to receive an award for at least $300 per year from the BMS program to attend a scientific meeting or conference. (Please note that BMS students are also eligible to receive an additional $700 depending on mentor contribution to the CBMSRT).

Go to the BMS Travel website.

Graduate School Funding

There are other sources of travel funds offered through the Graduate School. Please check the graduate school website for details. 

Graduate Student Council Funding

Graduate Student Council has travel funds up to $250 available, regardless of your year of study. Please check the graduate school council website for details.

Office of Research Funding

Office of Research (OR) has established a program to supplement student travel when other funding sources are insufficient (up to $400 available, regardless of your year of study). Click the link to fill out the application. Graduate Student Request for Travel Funds

Outside Funding

You should also consider applying for a travel award from the conference you plan to attend.