Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Course Description

BCH 4024 (Special Programs – Online)
BCH 4024 surveys the structure, function, and metabolism of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. It introduces concepts in cell structure, replication and growth, and metabolic regulation. Lecture notes are available as downloadable PDF files and video recordings of each lecture can be streamed directly from the UF E-Learning website. Please refer to the above PDF file for specific information on online testing, as well as available tutoring and exam review.

Semesters Offered

Offered each semester and runs along the same timeframe as the regular UF semesters.


CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry 1 and CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry 2 (or their equivalents at other universities).

Non-Degree Transcript

All courses taken as a non-degree seeking student are credit-bearing. Your official transcript will list coursework, course number, course title and grade received. The earned hours, hours carried and GPA will read as zero on your official transcript as those fields are only completed for UF degree-seeking students.

If you are planning on transferring UF non-degree coursework to another institution for credit, it’s advised that you first verify with the other institution that the credit will be accepted.


Eligible students are those enrolled in a Distance Learning Degree Program at the University of Florida and those students with Nondegree Enrollment Status. See information below if you would like to apply.

Note: By UF Provost Policy and Florida Board of Governors Regulation (BOG 8.002), students who are currently enrolled in courses on the Gainesville campus are ineligible to take the online section of BCH4024. Please refer to information concerning the on campus sections of BCH4024 outlined above.

Application Deadline

Since the application process can take up to one month to process, both applications must be submitted by the deadline listed below for your enrollment in that specific semester.

– Spring 2021: December 1, 2020
– Summer C 2021:  April 15, 2021
– Fall 2021:  August 1, 2021

Please note, applications submitted after the deadline will need to apply for the next semester’s enrollment.


  1. Meet eligibility requirements and have taken prerequisites
  2. Submit mandatory Department Application
  3. Submit Special Programs – Nondegree Application
  4. Set-up Gatorlink Account
  5. Enroll in Course

Steps to Enrollment

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