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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Courses

BCH4024 Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

All sections of the on-campus BCH4024 for Spring 2021 are full. Click here for enrollment information.

4 credits

Course Coordinator – Fall/Spring: Lauren Douma, Ph.D.                         Course Coordinator – Summer: William L. Zeile, Ph.D.
Room: R3-252 ARB                                                                                  Room: R3-206A
Phone: 352-294-8693                                                                                Phone: 352-294-4974
E-mail: Lauren.Douma@medicine.ufl.edu                                                    E-mail: wzeile@ufl.edu

Course Description: BCH 4024 surveys the structure, function, and metabolism of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. It introduces concepts in cell structure, replication and growth, and metabolic regulation.

Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry (CHM 2210 and 2211, CHM 2215 and 2216, or their equivalents at other universities) or consent of course coordinator. In certain cases, with permission, CHM 2211 or CHM 2216 may be taken concurrently. CHM 2200 is NOT an acceptable prerequisite for BCH 4024.

BCH 4024, Spring 2021
M-T-W-F (4th and 6th periods)
Room N2-200 (2nd floor Stetson Medical Sciences Bldg Auditorium)

BCH 4024, Fall 2020
M-T-W-F (4th and 6th periods)
Room N2-200 (2nd floor Stetson Medical Sciences Bldg Auditorium)

BCH 4024, Summer A/C 2021
BCH 4024, Summer A/C 2021, Calendar
Days:        M-T-W-F
Time:        2nd period, 9:30am – 10:45am
Location:  Medical Sciences Building (MSB) Room N2-200

BCH4905 (sec SC4L) Science for Life Research Seminar Course

1 credit
R, 8th period (Fall)

This research seminar course will introduce students to the many research opportunities available to them in bench, field and computer laboratories across all STEM and Health disciplines on campus. Each week, three faculty members will discuss their research focus, how and why they study the systems they do, and the broader impacts of their work. These brief presentations are designed to offer students a deeper awareness and understanding of the breadth of interdisciplinary research ongoing at UF (and globally), and to inspire, encourage, and facilitate student interest in exploring the many opportunities to engage in research at this world-class research university.

Students majoring in STEM fields will find this course to be engaging and valuable.  However, non-STEM majors with a strong background in high school science and a passion for research will also benefit from the multi-disciplinary research and guidance offered by the presenters in this course. All students will have the opportunity to enhance their scientific literacy, active listening, and critical thinking skills.

Course Coordinator:  Mary Jo Koroly, Ph.D. korolymj@ufl.edu

Research Experience-Based Courses

BCH 4905  Biochemistry Senior Research
1-7 credits Offered each semester (sections for both IDS students and undergraduate students in general)

Course Coordinator: Mary Jo Koroly, Ph.D.
Room: R3-291
E-mail: korolymj@ufl.edu