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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology offers a wide range of courses and research training programs for medical, dental, graduate and undergraduate students. We invite you to explore our website and to visit our departmental offices and labs.

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Masters Program

Designed to provide students the necessary skills to obtain positions within the private and government research sectors as well as provide the background necessary for entry into competitive Ph.D. or other professional school (MD, DVM, DDS, etc) programs.

Dr. Bloom w/ grad student

Ph.D. Program

Designed both to provide students with fundamental graduate-level training and to provide flexibility in tailoring a course of studies to fit with a student’s research interests. Students joining the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) are given maximum flexibility to pursue a wide-range of research and curriculum opportunities.

Joshua - Mavis Lab

Distance Education

Distance learning courses are offered to UF students in online degree programs, MS and BS, or non-degree seeking students and are delivered online. These courses can be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit and require a non-degree application. Our courses follow a traditional UF semester calendar. Students receive a transcript awarding undergraduate or graduate credit.

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Congratulation Spring & Summer 2023 Graduates!

Ph.D. Graduate

Jacob Combs

Jacob Combs


Marc McLeod

Marc McLeod


Joseph Ellis

Joseph Ellis

Master’s Graduates


Summer 2023 Graduates


Masters Program Students 2023
Front Row (left-to-right):  Xinyue Liu, Qingyang Shen, Xi Huang, Guanxuan Peng
Back Row (left-to-right):  Noah Ravede, Thomas Sheehan, Danah Almohdar, Julia Bruner
Not Pictured: Loa Bakhsh and Michael Velez