Faculty Research Interests

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Enzymatic Mechanisms and Structure-Function Relationships

  • L. Bloom:  DNA replication and repair complexes
  • M. Caglayan:  DNA repair (single-strand and double-strand break repair) complexes
  • J. Flanegan:  Viral RNA polymerases
  • M. Kladde:  Discovery and enzymology of DNA methyltransferases
  • Z. Li: Regulation of oxidation-reduction homeostasis
  • T. Mareci:  Tissue structure and function in the central nervous system
  • R. McKenna:  Protein and virus crystallography and biophysical methods
  • M. Merritt: Quantitative measures of metabolic flux
  • M. Xie:  MicroRNA processing
  • C. Zhao: Molecular mechanisms of membrane protein regulations

Gene Regulation and the Control of Protein Function

  • A. Berglund:  Role of RNA in disease
  • J. Bungert:  Beta-globin gene cluster regulation
  • M. Kladde:  Chromatin remodeling in gene activation; epigenetic silencing of tumor suppressors
  • J. Lu:  Transcriptional and chromatin regulation of tumor invasion, angiogenesis, and metabolism
  • M. Xie:  Post-transcriptional gene regulation by RNA interference

Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions and Chromatin Structure

  • A. Berglund:  RNA-protein interactions in splicing regulation
  • M. Caglayan:  DNA polymerases and DNA ligases in DNA repair
  • L. Bloom:  Sliding clamps in DNA replication
  • J. Bungert:  Chromatin structure and protein binding
  • J. Flanegan:  RNA-protein interactions; RNA replication and stability
  • M. Kladde:  Single-molecule and population probing of chromatin structure
  • J. Lu:  Histone modifications and chromatin organization

Metabolism and In-born Errors of Metabolism

  • M. Gentry: Defining disease mechanisms and developing pre-clinical therapies
  • Z. Li: Lipid metabolism and lipid quality control
  • M. Merritt: Energy metabolism, NMR, MR Imaging
  • R. Sun: Multidisciplinary investigation on the neurobiology and neurochemistry of the aging brain and the metabolic signaling between the brain-lung axis.
  • C. Vander Kooi: Structural biology, molecular interactions glucan kinases and phosphatases, molecular basis of human disease

Macromolecular Structure Determination

  • J. Long:  Biomolecular structure and dynamics
  • T. Mareci:  Tissue structure and biochemistry in the nervous system by NMR
  • R. McKenna:  Actin-protein complexes
  • C. Zhao: Cryo-EM structure determination of membrane proteins isolated and/or in cell membrane