Postdoctoral Associates

Maria Luiza Caldas Nogueira, Ph.D.

Mentor: Dr. Joanna Long
Research Focus:  ​Apply Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in solid-state magic-angle spinning-NMR in several projects, including studying the structure and dynamics of several membrane proteins, as well as the fibrils from bacterial biofilm involved in the teeth caries process

Maria Luiza Caldas Nogueira

Tiantian Chen, Ph.D.

Mentor: Dr. Matthew Gentry
Research Focus: Developing and engineering antibody-enzyme conjugates to efficiently target and degrade Lafora bodies as a therapeutic modality for treating Lafora disease.

Tiantian Chen

Tianqi Li

Mentor: Mingyi Xie
Research Focus: Studying the interplay of non-coding RNA and proteins which involved in gene expression regulation

Tianqi Li

Qun Tang, Ph.D.

Mentor: Dr. Craig Vander Kooi
Research Focus: Structure-function characterization and elucidation of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions involved in base excision repair.

Qun Tang

Yuzhi Wang, Ph.D.

Mentor: Dr. Mingyi Xie
Research Focus: Studying the transcription factors-mediated breast cancer tumorigenesis, as well as studying the microRNA processing and the related tumorigenesis.

Yuzhi Wang