Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Ph.D.


Phone: 294-8393
Email:  mckenna@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Structure to function correlation for ssDNA viruses


Linda B. Bloom, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Chair


Phone: 294-8379
Email:  lbloom@ufl.edu
Research Interests: DNA replication, DNA repair, Protein-nucleic acid interactions


Jorg Bungert, Ph.D.


Phone:  273-8098
Email:  jbungert@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Molecular Genetics


Melike Caglayan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


Phone: 294-8383
Email:  caglayanm@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Oxidative Stress, Genome Maintenance, DNA Repair, Nucleic Acids Enzymology


Brian D. Cain, Ph.D.


Phone:  294-8381
Email:  bcain@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Membrane ATPases and endothelin gene regulation


James B. Flanegan, Ph.D. 
Professor and Chair


Phone:  294-8384
Email:  flanegan@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Replication of RNA Viruses


Susan C. Frost, Ph.D.


Phone:  294-8386
Email:  sfrost@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Regulation of Membrane-bound Carbonic Anhydrases in Breast Cancer


Michael S. Kilberg, Ph.D.


Phone:  294-8388
Email:  mkilberg@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Gene expression, Nutrient stress, Transcriptional control mechanisms


Michael P. Kladde, Ph.D.


Phone:  273-8142
Email:  kladde@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Epigenetic regulation of gene expression; single-molecule studies of chromatin structure


Mary Jo Koroly, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Director, Center for Pre-Collegiate Education and Training


Phone:  392-2310
Email:  korolymj@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Membrane Biology


Joanna R. Long, Ph.D.


Phone: 294-8399
Email:  jrlong@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Protein structure and dynamics, membrane proteins, extracelluar matrices, NMR, lipid assembly and dynamics


Jianrong Lu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Phone: 273-8200
Email:  jrlu@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Epigenetic and metabolic regulation of cancer


Thomas H. Mareci, Ph.D.


Phone:  273-5348
Email:  thmareci@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Structure and function in the nervous system


Robert McKenna, Ph.D.


Phone:  294-8395
Email:  rmckenna@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Structural studies of carbonic anhydrase, carnitine acetyltransferase, prenylating enzymes, actin complexes and replication proteins of adeno-associated virus


Matthew E. Merritt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor


Phone: 294-8397
Email: matthewmerritt@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Metabolism, stable isotope tracing, magnetic resonance, and hyperpolarization of substrates for use as metabolic contrast agents


Daniel L. Purich, Ph.D.


Phone:  294-8400
Email:  dlpurich@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Actin-based motility


Mingyi Xie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


Phone: 273-8171
Email: mingyi.xie@ufl.edu
Research Interests: Gene expression regulation by non-coding RNAs; microRNA biogenesis