Joanna Long, Ph.D.

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Research: protein structure and dynamics, membrane proteins, extracellular matrices, NMR, lipid assembly and dynamics
Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1997
Contact Information:
Office: LG-187 McKnight Brain Institute
Lab: LG-129 McKnight Brain Institute
Telephone: (352) 294-8399


Joanna R. Long received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997 for work with Dr. R. G. Griffin on applying solid state NMR techniques to the study of peptide and lipid structure and dynamics.  She then did postdoctoral research with Dr. Pat Stayton and Dr. Gary Drobny at the University of Washington studying protein structure and dynamics at mineral and polymer interfaces for tissue engineering applications.  Dr. Long joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 2002.  She currently directs the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory user program in NMR and MRI at UF in addition to leading her research laboratory.


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My research focuses developing magnetic resonance techniques for monitoring proteins, lipids, and metabolites in situ and in vivo to gain a molecular level understanding of their complex behaviors. My research group also focuses on specific systems of importance to understanding and remediating disease states using the techniques we develop Current projects include: 1) the structure, dynamics and function of lung surfactant peptides which traffic lipids in pulmonary surfactant; 2) The development of dynamic nuclear polarization to examine metabolic flux in vivo; 3) the structure and assembly of proteins in fibril formation and biofilm stabilization; 4) the structural and dynamical details of membrane binding, lipid recognition, and lipid transfer/ extraction by lysosomal lipid transport proteins; 5) Developing DNP approaches for studying membrane protein structures.